1. All pontoons hold a maximum of 8 people, no exceptions.
  2. Mac's Marina has the right to assign pontoons at its discretion;  customers cannot reserve specific pontoons.
  3. No horseplay is tolerated on any of our rental boats.
  4. The customer's security deposit will automatically be charged by a Mac's Marina employee in the event of:
    1. any extent of propeller damage during the rental, no exceptions  $200.00
    2. lower unit / drive damaged or locked up, no exceptions  $500.00
    3. if carpeting or seats are burned or torn during the rental, no exceptions
  5. Pontoons on weekends (other than all day rentals) are rented as such:
    1. 8am - 11:45pm
    2. 12pm - 3:45pm
    3. 4pm - 7:45pm
  6. All day rental reservations can override a 4 hour rental reservation if only one 4 hour slot is filled on that boat.  The customer with the 4 hour reservation will be contacted and have 1st choice to switch to the all day.  if the all day reservation is denied by the customer they will forfeit their reservation and we will book the all day reservation in their place.
  7. No discounts - rates apply.
  8. Absolutely no refunds.
  9. We do not allow grilling on our rentals.
  10. We do not allow tubing or towing of any kind from our rentals.
  11. on all reservations, we require a 48 hour cancellation notice.
  12. Reservations should be made at least a week in advance to ensure the time slot or day you want.  However we take reservations up to the day before.
  13. Renters of pontoons must be 21 years or older,  Row boat renters must be at least 18.



Get your associates together for an opportunity to get down to business in an atmosphere that is both relaxing and moving.  The right boat where you can all feel comfortable is available.  Keep the attention of your employees or partners and help make the decisions necessary while providing an experience that will make them glad they work for you.  Mac's Marina has the means to make your business meetings effective and enjoyable.


What a great opportunity to share a proposal with a potential client in a relaxed atmosphere where you can receive their undivided attention.  Many deals have been closed on the open waters, why don't you add another to the count.  A trip on the water can definitely rival any golf course as the ideal location to present an idea or proposition-out where there are no distractions other than the incredible, natural beauty that surrounds Whitmore Lake.


Reward your vendors or sales reps for meeting and exceeding goals.


Need to land the perfect executive?  Who can resist the beauty Whitmore Lake offers and what better way to see it than on a luxurious cruise around the lake on a sweet pontoon?  Enjoy cocktails and lunch on-board.


Your team worked hard this year!  Show them you appreciate all their hard work.  Celebrate their success during the holiday season with a party on the water.  Cruise the lake, cookout on the beach, or simply sip wine and watch the sunset.  Create memories that will last.  After all - deserve it!


  1. This boat is available Monday - Friday only.
  2. Minimum of 6 people.
  3. Maximum of 15 people.
  4. $25.00 per person / per 2 hours.
  5. Lunch from Dee's Place included. Lunch = wrap, pasta salad, beverage, chips, and pickle.
  6. Alcoholic beverages may be allowed if requested.
  7. This and all of our rentals are available on Whitmore Lake, MI only.
  8. Call or email us for any questions or concerns.


Boat Rentals

Whitmore Lake is a great lake to be on in the summer.  People are friendly and are always ready to have a good time.  The fishing is fantastic and the lake provides a home for a variety of fish:  walleye, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, northern pike, blue gill, carp, catfish, and crappie.

row boat Rates

4 Hours


8 Hours


**Prices include everythng except tax, and seurity deposit**

let us earn your business!

Family Class Pontoon Rates

4 Hours


All Day


*Prices are subject to change IE. holidays.*

**Prices include everythng except tax, and seurity deposit**

Fishing Class Pontoon Rates

4 Hours


All Day


*Prices are subject to change IE. holidays.*

**Prices include everythng except tax, and seurity deposit**